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How to Keep Your Home Cool without Breaking the Bank

Today, we're featuring a guest post by our friend Mila Hose from Range Hoods Inc.

Summer is upon us, and keeping the house cool without breaking your wallet can be a challenge.  Heavy kitchen usage can make the heat inevitably worse, and make the whole house feel like it was swallowed up by the oven. Unless you’ve created a new invention that you’re hiding from the rest of the world, chances are you’ll be forced to use the stove or oven at some point this summer. The heat from these appliances can not only make the kitchen hot and stuffy, but without the proper ventilation and cooling systems, the rest of the house will also begin to absorb the heat..

Higher kitchen temperatures often result in cranking up the AC unit in hopes that the colder temperatures will somehow swallow up the hot air. Unfortunately, however, this rarely works, and usually results in a sky-high electricity bill. Kitchens can be difficult, if not nearly impossible to cool, due to the heat generated by kitchen appliances. This heat can throw off air conditioning units and have a counter-productive effect on cooling.

 So, what is the best way to keep the whole house cool and your pocketbook full? Consider investing in a high-quality range hood that will help ventilate the hot kitchen air and remove it to the outside of the house.  This process, in conjunction with a top-notch AC unit can better aid in the regulation of temperatures and cut down on your home’s electricity bill throughout the hot summer months. 

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What Type of Air Conditioner Do You Need?

Air conditioners are not one-size-fits-all cooling solutions. They come in different varieties, each suited to different environments. There are four main types of air conditioners: portable air conditioners, window air conditioners, split air conditioners, and central air conditioners.
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Avalon Bay Air Fryer's Named One of Mommy's Favorites

San Diego's Fox 5 featured the Avalon Bay Air Fryer in their Mommy-Daddy Handbook segment yesterday! Host Shally Zomordi talked to Socal Savy Mom Nicole Hughes about all the great gadgets parents need to make their homes run smoothly, and they both had very nice things to day about Avalon Bay's cooking tech.

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Swamp Coolers, Heat Stress, & Farm Workers

Farm work is exhausting, especially during harvest season. It takes place during the hottest months of the year, in large open areas very little shade. Temperatures in the fields are sometimes 8-10°F above the temperature listed by the National Weather Service. The work itself requires a lot of physical exertion by people who have to remain bundled up in protective clothing – long sleeves, long pants, boots, scarves, and gloves. Small wonder then that farm workers are so vulnerable to heat stress, twenty times more vulnerable than the average American worker.

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How to Cook Minion Quesadillas in Your Air Fryer

Our friend Christine at So TIPical Me was so excited about the new Minions movie, she created a new air fryer recipe to celebrate. Behold...Minion Quesadillas!

Note: this recipe requires the baking pan from the Avalon Bay 3 Piece Baking Set.

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What Size Portable Air Conditioner Do You Need?

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when buying a portable air conditioner is buying one that’s either too big or two small. The wrong size portable air conditioner won’t cool your home properly and wastes a lot of electricity.

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Spotlight: Air-N-Water Warehouse Crew

For fun last week, the Air-N-Water warehouse crew split in two and competed to see who could box and ship the most packages in one afternoon. Paul walked us through the shipping process. Every item is double boxed, with foam padding added to the top and bottom to protect it from damage. Then the box is taped up and ready to be loaded on a truck for delivery.

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Philips Air Fryers vs. Avalon Bay Air Fryers


      Philips HD9230/26 Air          Fryer

Avalon Bay Deluxe Air Fryer 


Philips Air Fryers vs. Avalon Bay Air Fryers


The Good

Precise cooking settings and easy-to-use control panel. Comes with dual rack that increases doubles cooking capacity and great support features

Compact, large food basket, more affordable, and has more cooking power

The Bad

Less power, smaller food basket, and takes up more space

Imprecise controls and fewer support features

The Bottom Line

A good all-round cooker

An affordable and powerful air fryer


Air fryers have exploded in popularity in the past few years. They’re fast, convenient, and fry food without oil or fat. We love air fryers and there are two great ones on the market: the Philips HD9230/26 Air Fryer or the Avalon Bay Deluxe Air Fryer 100. We can only have one favorite, however, so we decided to run each unit through a head-to-head comparison to see which was best. Here’s what we found.

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Air Fryers & Convection Ovens: Breakthrough Kitchen Technology

Convection technology has been with us for a very long time. The Maxson Corporation used it to market frozen dinners in 1945. Professional chefs started using it shortly after, but it but it’s only recently begun to make its way into our homes. Now that it’s here, though, people can’t get enough of it. We wanted to know how come? Why are air fryers and convection ovens the new best way to cook? To understand the answer, you need to know a little something about the conventional ovens they’re replacing.

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Momma Bakes Lave Cake in Our Avalon Bay Air Fryers

Our friend Jenna at Momma Told Me loves her Avalon Bay Air Fyer. In fact, a couple of months ago, she figured out how to use it to bake molten lava cake. If you’ve never had it, it’s chocolate cake with melted chocolate baked inside. Once we learned about it, we couldn’t get enough. Then we realize the only people we know who love dessert more than us are our readers, so we asked Jenna to share her recipe and she was nice enough to agree. Bon appetit! 

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