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The Perks of Buying a Stranger Lunch

Would you ever ask a stranger to buy you dinner if you forgot your wallet at home?

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Enter to Win Your Own Avalon Bay Air Fryer, the Ultimate Life Hacker

We want to share this innovative product with you by giving you the chance to win your very own Air Fryer for FREE.

Air Fryers are a much healthier alternative to traditional frying because they require no oil, just air!

This Avalon Bay Air Fryer allows you to do more than air fry -- you can bake, grill, and roast too, so it is the ultimate life hacker for easy, healthy cooking. 

See below for details on how and when to enter.

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NewAir's G80 Ceiling Garage Heater Packs a High Output Heating Punch

See the G80 product manual here.

As yet another way that NewAir has your back, this trusty brand is coming out with the G80 Ceiling Garage Heater. It is one of the few high output ceiling heaters on the market, and the best part is that it takes up minimal space, even while being so powerful.

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See This In-Depth Slideshow on What Features the Avalon Bay AB-WINE21DS Wine Cooler Has

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How to Program Your New Dimplex Smart Heaters

Traditional heaters are typically large and require a lot of effort to set up.

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Baseboard Heaters and the Convection Process

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Linear Convector Baseboard Heater Safety

Dimplex Linear convector (LC) baseboard heaters are some of the best types of heaters available today.

Not only are they compact, they have a better heating capacity than standard baseboard heaters. This is because they are high-performing models that produce more heat faster than a baseboard heater ever has before.

The incredible heating ability of these baseboard heaters has also led users to believe they are unsafe. In actuality, linear convector heaters are extremely safe. Let’s look at the safety aspects of a linear convection heater:

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The Learning Technology and Active Temperature Sensing of the Dimplex Linear Convector Baseboard Heaters

The heating element found in the Dimplex Linear Proportional Convector baseboard heaters does heat up quite quickly and conserves energy.

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The Dimplex Linear Convector Baseboard vs. Hydronic Baseboards

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Popular Places to Incorporate a Wine Cooler in Your Home

Wine coolers are that one appliance that can fit anywhere. 

They are very versatile, and can be placed in any size dwelling.  In fact, they have become very popular among younger wine consumers who live in smaller places, such as apartments or townhomes. 

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