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The Truth About Drinking Water

Posted by Michelle on Apr 16, 2014 3:02:00 PM

We live in a world where water is all around us. These molecular compounds of two hydrogen atoms and an oxygen atom cover 71% of the Earth’s surface. There is the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, and Artic Oceans, not to mention the myriad of rivers, ponds, lakes, wells, etc. We use water for recreation; we grow our food with it; we wash in it; we drink it. Water is an essential part of life on Earth.

Santa Ana, where the Air & Water office is located, just won the award for “Best Municipal Water” on March 5, 2014. The distinction means that the city of Santa Ana produces the best tasting and highest quality tap water in the nation. This gold award was bestowed on the city at the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Festival, a competition judging water submissions from all over the world. Yes, water is so important to human existence that there is world-famous festival judging the taste of water.

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Avalon Bay AB-ICE26 Portable Ice Maker Giveaway!

Posted by Michelle on Apr 8, 2014 7:33:00 AM

We are GIVING AWAY 3 PortableIce Makers!!
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The AB-ICE26 Ice Maker Saved My Life

Posted by Michelle on Apr 4, 2014 1:44:18 PM

My fridge is in the final throes of death. Its 10+ years of existence puts it at about 105 in human years. Worse than the impending loss of the fridge, the ice maker built into the door has already succumbed. I’m betting the deli drawer will be the next to go, it already crashes to the floor every time someone pulls it out to far. That is how my little terrier ate his weight in hot dogs a couple of weeks ago. The ice maker tried to survive, but the sensor broke and the ice maker went into a fit of ice production that was probably its undoing. It could overflow the dispenser overnight and fill the entire fridge with ice if we weren’t constantly vigilant. So, we decided to use the ice. We made frappuccinos for breakfast, smoothies at lunchtime, and margaritas with dinner. Waste not, want not. We were living in a winter wonderland of ice. Until, of course, it wore itself out and died.

Overnight, we were reduced to a single tray that we found in the bottom of our tupperware drawer. It was a fluke that we even had that because it must have been from the days before we got a refrigerator with an ice dispenser. It is either as old as me, or it can trace its origins to the summer we made our own organic lemonade popsicles. It was a very short lived business venture that never even made it to the lemonade stand-stage of development. Plus, we ate most of the inventory before we even had a chance to market the product.

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My Trip to Lake Shasta with the AB-ICE26 Portable Ice Maker

Posted by Michelle on Apr 2, 2014 8:14:53 AM

Ever since my father proposed to my mother at the top of Yosemite Falls, they have always been the adventurous type. Growing up my family and I would love to be outdoors trying to find an adrenaline rush that would make us feel untouchable. We love to go hiking, we’ve been on crazy rollercoasters, we’ve gone skydiving, and we go camping every year. We travel to neighboring states to camp at their lakes during the summer season when the weather is perfect. It is just so much fun, and I wish I could relive my childhood days at my favorite lake, Lake Shasta! Maybe some might not agree it’s the best lake, but I have a lot of childhood memories with my family that I will never forget. The only unbearable part was drinking warm refreshments because of how hot it was. It was painful to watch my parents go back and forth to the convenience store to buy enough ice for me and the rest of my family.

Lake Shasta is beautiful with surrounding mountains full of wildlife and greenery. I even saw a deer swimming in the lake one time. I tried to catch it, but my mom held me back as I kicked and screamed. I would consider Lake Shasta as one of my top 5 places to camp of all time. When I have kids of my own, I will definitely take them there.

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The Must-Have Portable Ice Maker This Summer

Posted by Michelle on Mar 31, 2014 9:41:46 AM

Air & Water have been selling ice makers for over 12 years now and we are proud to say that we deem ourselves as experts in this category. With that we are proud to announce Avalon Bay as the newest addition to our team. Avalon Bay is an up and coming manufacturer dedicated to bringing you the best of home appliances with design and efficiency in mind. Their unbeatable prices have become known all across the United States, and will soon have competitors chasing after their customers. As a leading home appliance expert, we know Avalon Bay’s AB-ICE26 Portable Ice Maker will be the next biggest hit in your kitchen. With just one use, you’ll be eager to get more of their products in your home.

If you like to entertain guests, you probably already know how much ice is needed to successfully make your event enjoyable and memorable. Purchasing numerous bags of ice can be very expensive and time consuming, and if you’re like half the population of the US, you probably have quite a walk from your trunk to your front door. So carrying numerous bags of ice is never a good idea. Then there is the whole storage concept, if you have to try and squeeze several bags of ice into your freezer, where are you going to put your food? However, becoming an owner of an Avalon Bay’s Portable Ice Maker will eliminate the stress and concern of having plenty of ice on hand. No longer will you need to take additional trips to the store in the middle of your party nor have a guest with a warm drink ever again. Make your next party a real success with fresh ice cubes for drinks as cold as Alaska.

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Call Me the Husband Whisperer

Posted by Adam on Mar 20, 2014 9:38:13 AM

Others are always saying that women don’t notice what they don’t do for men. As a woman, I say screw them! We should keep being self-centered. We bear children, we suffer through menstrual cycles, we care for the children, we cook, we clean, and we practically do everything. And men have the audacity to not clean up after themselves. Not up in here! I work 8 hour days, five days out of the week, and I am exhausted when I come home. I expect to come home to a clean space, but that’s just asking too much of my husband. What is it with men? Do they not see a mess like we do? Is it something in their genes? I don’t get it. There needs to be a scientific study on this.

It’s comforting to know that this is a common problem for married women and that most of our husbands our slobs. I don’t mind cleaning, and sometimes I actually enjoy it, but a little help would be appreciated. I once read a blog (I won’t mention which one because it was nonsense) that stated, “What if your husband won’t pick up after himself? You can make it a battle or a blessing. You can choose to ignore it or you can pick it up for him and see it as an act of love and service. The choice is yours. The battle is yours. Some things just aren’t worth fighting over and bringing tension to a marriage.” Is this blog on crack?! We don’t live in the 1950’s anymore. I will gladly give my husband a quality vacuum to clean his cookie crumbles off the floor.

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Hydrate Even if You're Not Exercising

Posted by Adam on Mar 13, 2014 8:05:04 AM

My friend, Chase, opened up his first gym not too long ago and offered a free morning workout class for me and a few friends. We decided to go around eight in the morning; however, the midweek blues got the better of me and I overslept. I jumped out of bed, hurried to get ready, and left my house with no time for breakfast. I forgot to bring a bottle of water, a towel, and my wallet. When I arrived, our first task was to go for a light job. It wasn't too bad to start the day, and I also read somewhere that fasting before cardio burns more calories. Maybe that's true, but I know I will never try it again after what happened that day.

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How to Beat Your Roommate's Annoying Smoke Odor

Posted by Adam on Mar 3, 2014 2:05:35 PM

My roommate Adam is an addicted smoker and I know for certain he smokes at least 6 times a night. The constant odor and harmful environment that he creates from smoking make it very stressful for me to live in the same area as him. Needless to say that I assume he smokes just as much while I am at work. Adam usually stays in his room for most of the day, and the only time he ever comes out is to eat or smoke. Granted, he is an art student; his daily tasks include working from his computer. He is also a gamer, and he makes sure to stay up-to-date with the latest video games. His recent favorite is the Battlefield series. However, his cigarette and cigar odor is very overwhelming, so the rest of my roommates and I have designated a “smoking area” for him - the balcony. Every time Adam goes out for a smoke, I can hear him crack open his bedroom door and stomp through the kitchen to the balcony. I also know he is about to smoke because he always says "Hi" to my other roommate's dog.

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Feeling Like a Hockey Olympian

Posted by Adam on Feb 17, 2014 1:33:28 PM

If you’ve been watching the Sochi Olympics then you saw the most exciting game of hockey between USA and Russia! After a 60 minute game, plus some overtime, the two teams went into a shootout where, T.J. Oshie finally scored to give USA a victory. The adrenaline and excitement of winning such a suspenseful game, is the exact feeling I get when I play Beer Hockey.

Beer Hockey is a drinking game of intensity, suspense, and competitiveness. To give you an idea of how intense this game can get, the quarter used has bruised my fingernail and it seems like it will be forever purple. If you have never heard of this game before, be prepared to drink. My friends and I play this game weekly, and I make sure that I always have the three essentials in my garage before they come over - a coffee table, portable air conditioner, and recycling bins. My garage is my sanctuary to get away from my everyday life and just have some time to myself. Beer hockey with my friends is a great escape to have a great time and chug beer. Here’s how to play:

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Dream Cubicle Without Winning the Lottery

Posted by Adam on Feb 13, 2014 11:53:14 AM

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